240 Bulk Practice Golf Balls
240 Bulk Practice Golf Balls

240 Bulk Practice Golf Balls

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CALLING ALL TEACHING PROFESSIONALS….Think outside the box and take your lessons on the road. AG balls give you the freedom to offer lessons to students outside the traditional golf course or range setting.

• Your students can practice every day and improve
• Now you can teach anywhere: Schools /corporate parks
• Perfect game improvement ball for all levels
• Makes daily practice easy, safe and convenient
• Perfect for junior golfers size, weight and strength….AG ball is easier for them to get in the air, increases confidence that they are improving and help encourage interest in a game that lasts a lifetime.

Ball Tech & Features and Benefits

240 dimple pattern and 1/8 mm depth duplicates true trajectory and flight
• 13.5 grams

• COR Rating .32
• Limited distance with accuracy
• Practice anytime anywhere
• Now you can practice anytime, anywhere
• First off-course safe ball with real ball Performance
• Out performs wiffle, blown plastic balls, nerf like spongy balls
• Great for practicing in yard, park or school yard